National Register Nominations

HISTORIC REGISTER NOMINATIONS - Spencer Preservation has successfully prepared numerous nominations at the state and national levels.  Historic Register Nominations require an in-depth analysis of a building’s architecture and research into the property’s origins and use in order to develop an architectural description and statement of historical significance.

The National Register of Historic Places is the United States’ official list of historically significant properties, which must meet one or more of the four criteria for evaluation. Properties eligible for the register generally retain their historic appearance, are at least 50 years old, and have the potential to be documented as historically or architecturally significant at either the local, state, or national level. Many types of properties are listed in the register including barns, banks, commercial buildings, courthouses, libraries, houses, parks, ranches, battlefields, hospitals, roads, bridges, rail depots, and archeological sites.  

The Register of Historic Kansas Places is the state’s official list of historically significant properties.  Properties included in the National Register are automatically listed in the State Register.  However, not all properties listed in the State Register are included in the National Register.  The same general criteria are used to assess the eligibility of a property for inclusion in the state register, but more flexibility is allowed in the interpretation of the criteria for eligibility.  

In addition to individual building nominations, Spencer is often hired to pursue National Register listings as a preservation planning tool for communities.  In recent years, she has completed district nominations for the cities of Council Grove, Manhattan, Junction City, Wilson, and Ellsworth in Kansas.  Spencer has also developed Multiple Property Nominations for Apartment Buildings on the North End of the Paseo Boulevard in Kansas City, MO, Historic Public Schools of Kansas, and Historic Agriculture-Related Resources of Kansas.

State and/or National Register Nominations 
Individual Buildings

National Register Districts and Multiple Property Submissions